Trainings and Services

Individual In-Home Parent Coaching:
  • Including topics like attachment, breastfeeding, sleep issues, potty training, guidance and discipline, routine, organization, nutrition, play, boundaries, emotional responsiveness, etc.
Foster Parent Support Coaching:
  • Help foster parents with the transition of children in their care and provide support for other challenging issues that can arise. 

Professional Continuing Education Trainings for Child Development Centers:
  • The Importance of Language
  • Understanding Discipline and Challenging Behavior
  • Faculty Development/Teambuilding Workshop- The Five Love Languages of Faculty
  • Documentation Training
  • Guiding Literacy Development Training
  • Effective Sleep Techniques 
  • The Project Approach
  • Creating a Vision
  • Giving Touch Feedback
  • The Cycle of Lesson Planning

Other Continuing Education Trainings:
  • Advocating for children 0-3: Helping Families Through Transitions
  • Understanding Attachment and Trauma
  • Best Practices for Visitation and Family Time
  • Parenting, Childhood, and Substance Abuse: Understanding Where We Come from and Improving the next Generation
  • Diversity Activities with Group Processing

Parenting Class Topics:

  • Parenting Styles and Child Temperament
  • Positive Guidance and Discipline
  • Children’s Self-Esteem
  • Playful Parenting
  • Routine and Structure
  • Young Child Nutrition
  • Parenting While Separated
  • Influence of Media on Children
  • Children’s Feelings and Emotions
  • Emotion Coaching
Contact me at or 512-808-0204 for more information and services for your specific needs.

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